24 March 2008

Dear Dr. Dean, Part II

As I promised some time back, I would post the reply from the DNC re: the Michigan and Florida issues as relates to the Obama-Clinton standoff.

And, get this: It wasn't a form letter! Holy cow!

Without further ado....

March 12, 2008
Dear (IrritatedVet),
Thank you for writing to the Democratic National Committee. I am glad to hear that you participated in the Democratic caucus in Maine.

I understand your concerns regarding the delegates from Folrida and Michigan. As of this time, both states remain in non-compliance with a 100% loss of their delegates. The results of the January primaries in either state cannot count towards the nomination because the January dates violate the DNC's rules. However, if Florida or Michigan chooses to hold new primaries or caucuses they may regain their delegates. This is a move the DNC would welcome because we know how inportant it is to the Party that these two states play a meaningful role in the nominating process. If they do not hold new primaries or caucuses then this issue will ultimately be resolved by the Convention Credentials Committee after we have a nominee.

Thank you for writing and for your brave service to our country. Please feel free to contact us again in the future.

Governor Howard Dean, M.D.

Well, there you have it. We know now that FLA and MI will not have a re-vote, but I'm waiting for Sen. Clinton - who went into this fully expecting that the nomination was already hers - to find another way to have those states counted. I wonder if she's gonna pull an Al Gore and go to court over this...and I think that it's pretty clear that her case would be pretty weak.

After all, she, Obama and the other candidates agreed to the FL and MI penalties in the first place.

Sorry, Hillary, the coronation is off.