27 July 2007


From NYT, 27 JUL 07, "Saudis’ Role in Iraq Frustrates U.S. Officials"

This concisely encapsulates the obvious - that US policy has undermined our (ahem) 'alliances' in the Middle East, and that a proxy war is in the making between Sunni (Saudi) and Shia (Iran), drawing in other ME players (UAE, Syria, eventually Jordan and Turkey).

Still awaiting our friends at NYT an WP to make the Pakistan connection. Just got done suggesting that to Ms. Cooper.

I doubt that Cooper will get back to me, I'm sure she gets enough mail daily; I just hope she sees what I see. I hope I'm wrong...well, wrong in that my vision of how this unfolds is worse than what comes to pass...but I fear I'm not far off th mark. I am convinced that the worst thing that can happen, politically, right now is for Pak to suffer another coup, giving the madrassa-trained zealots a chance to put their finger on the nuclear button. Question is, will they go after US forces in Iraq or the people of Mumbai/Calcutta/New Delhi?

Unfortunately, I think that they will have access to enough - and to the techs who can do this - to launch against both...with Iran caught in the middle (and they will, in true Muslim fashion - blame the Americans).

China will be none too happy about this, neither will Russia. I think China's stable enough to keep itself under control, provided no nukes hit them or overfly their turf...Russia's the wild card. GWB has fouled up with Russia, and Russia's military is still populated with senior officers who still think of US as the bad capitalists (plus, they've been embarrased in Chechnya - their own back yard - twice so far. It's like the US Army getting kicked hard in, say, Arkansas).

Yeah, yeah, full of good tidings as always, but back in the saddle with my views on the world today. Pakistan, of all places, makes me lose sleep.

17 July 2007

REALLY irritated

Folks, changes are in the air soon. The IrritatedVet is working up an OPORD to relocate to a new AO in cyberspace. This after our friends at Google/Blogspot are caving in to the demands of a certain UNNAMED dude in Florida and taking down certain of my posts that seem to somehow get under his skin. Some folks 'just can't handle the truth.'

Along with that, I read on the Guardian's Web site last night that Deadeye Dick Cheney is making progress with the Decider as far as military options against Iran are concerned.

So, Dick, when's the invasion, and who will we use to do the invading? The Salvation Army Reserve? The Moral Majority? The VFW Ladies Auxiliary.

I don't see the United States Army or Marine Corps taking the lead on this one, and the Navy and Air Force are ill-equipped to sustain occupations of more than two acres at a time. BTW, Dickie, an air campaign just won't cut it.

I could go on, but not now. However, the IV will be reborn soon in another AO.